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Your Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Resurfacing

Is your bathroom starting to look a bit sad and dated? Do you rue the day you chose an avocado coloured bath suite? Would you love to get a brand-spanking new bathroom but only have a limited budget? Here at Perth Kitchen Resurfacing, we provide a quality bathroom resurfacing service in Perth and can turn your bathroom from boring to bling and leave you with change to spare.

While completely renovating your bathroom might be out of your budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t modernise. Bath repair and cabinet resurfacing options are the affordable alternative for chipped, cracked or damaged bathroom fixtures and fittings. Plus it offers many benefits like:

Low, low cost and high, high savings!

Even if you have a tiny budget, you can still revamp your bathroom and it is quick, easy and cost-effective.  Our bathroom tile resurfacing in Perth is a great way to instantly brighten and transform your bathroom. You can choose the colour, have a feature wall, the possibilities are limitless and it’s much cheaper and quicker then removing and replacing all the tiles in your bathroom.

More Time and More Inconvenience

It takes a long time to do a proper bathroom renovation and there is always the threat of delays which can add even more time. Your bathroom will be out of use for quite a while and if you only have the one bathroom in the house, you’re certainly going to be inconvenienced. I mean who like using portaloos anyway?

So Many Options

Buying a brand new bathroom set and the labour cost of plumbing and installation is where the bulk of your budget will go.  However so many people forget to account for the cost of tearing out the hardware and removing the old suite.  Even if you have a reasonable budget, a bath repair and bathroom resurfacing service in Perth may still be a better idea because the savings you make will give you so many more options in terms of better fittings and accessories which can truly elevate your bathroom.

You can even book in cabinet resurfacing so you don’t have to spend any money on a brand new vanity. You can choose from a range of colours and styles to suit your design ideas.

High Quality Finishing

Resurfacing your bath, basin, shower and toilets doesn’t mean you get a second-rate new bathroom alternative. In fact, you can completely revitalise your bathroom and get exactly the results you want with through different resurfacing options and by choosing a professional company like our bathroom resurfacing service in Perth. Our expertise and quality materials will leave you with a smooth, long-lasting finish.  The resurfacing will offer protection against chemical staining and impact and as part of our cabinet resurfacing service, we use highly durable polymer coating to resurface Porcelain, Fibreglass, Formica and other surfaces with a superior finish.  Plus all our work is guaranteed!

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