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Kitchen Resurfacing

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. And they are right. It is the one place that we spend most of our time in by either cooking, entertaining or catching up with family and friends over a meal. The very reason why homeowners invest into updating their kitchens the most. If you don’t like the way your kitchen looks and have been thinking of replacing it but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to revamp the kitchen. Enter Kitchen Resurfacing Perth, with a fresh coat of paint we can renew your kitchen, help you achieve that dream kitchen and you get to save thousands of dollars. Perth kitchen resurfacing will not only add value to your home and look gorgeous with all the imperfections gone.

kitchen resurfacing perth

How much does it cost to resurface a kitchen?

The cost to resurface your kitchen can be affected by many factors such as the kitchen size itself and the amount of cabinets there are. Kitchen resurfacing Perth is the affordable and cost – effective choice that will result in a modern look. Even with just Kitchen benchtops resurfacing you can completely transform your kitchen. Why spend thousands on replacing the cabinets if there is nothing wrong with them. At a fraction of the replacement cost we can give you your dream kitchen.

Why should you resurface your kitchen?

With a kitchen replacement cost upwards of $20,000 nowadays and let’s not mention the time it may take, your kitchen might not be usable for a few weeks with tradesmen walking in and out of your home creating dust. And what happens if they get the measurements wrong and you end up with a bench that is too short or too long.  We can transform your kitchen in as little as two days. Kitchen Resurfacing Perth is faster, more affordable and when done professionally you can use your kitchen for many more years. Just because your kitchen may look a bit tired with outdated colours, doesn’t mean you have to replace it. Even if your cabinets are chipped or cracked, in most cases they can be repaired before kitchen cabinet resurfacing takes place. The coatings we use at Perth Kitchen Resurfacing are hot water and UV resistant, they are the most durable product developed to date. With many finishes like faux granite you can get that modern look. We promise to leave no mess behind, just a sparkling new looking kitchen. The money that you save can be put to renovate another part of your home.

Why choose us?

At Perth Kitchen Resurfacing we have been in the resurfacing industry for many years and can promise quality workmanship. Our EP Acrylic is the coating of choice for any refinisher across the globe. Having been on the market for over ten years, will make your old, chipped, stained, dull kitchen like “new” again. The end result of kitchen resurfacing Perth will not look fake or “painted” in any way. If any part of your kitchen is chipped or cracked, in most cases we will repair them in the prepping stage. In addition to kitchen bench resurfacing and kitchen cabinet resurfacing we also offer Bathroom resurfacing. We guarantee quality workmanship and our long list of satisfied customers can prove it. If you want us to add value to your home by Perth bathroom and kitchen resurfacing, please get in touch. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.