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Perth Kitchen Benchtop Resurfacing

Why replace when all it needs is a new look with our Perth Kitchen Benchtop Resurfacing service!

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Worn, scratched and outdated colours on existing countertops can also be quickly and professionally refinished in a matter of hours, adding many more years of service life. Our tough, durable finish is impact, scuff and scratch resistant and meets or exceeds the original manufacturers specifications for stain and acid resistance. It is available in a wide range of colours to compliment your remodelling projects. Home owners and hotel operators that resurface kitchen bench and want the “natural” look and beauty of stone finishes are carefully comparing the proven performance of Stone effects to expensive granite and stone.

kitchen benchtop

Resurfacing Kitchen Benchtops with Stone Effects, you will enjoy savings of up to 80% over replacement with minimal downtime involved….a new counter in just a few hours!

Kitchen Benchtop Resurfacing Perth Offers Best Value for your Dollar

Resurfacing Kitchen Benchtops with Stone-Effects will forms a tough, durable finish that provides superior protection for many years against impact and abrasions that can shorten the lifespan of traditional laminate surfaces. The Combination of quality and low cost makes Stone Effects the best value for your remodelling dollar Another advantage of Stone Effects non porous finish is that it is highly resistant to acids and stains. Plus you will never have to recondition or seal with Stone effects, unlike real stone finishes. Stone Effects retains its natural lustre and is simply cleaned with soap and water If you want a natural look that is elegant, inexpensive and low maintenance then you want to choose Stone-Effects for your decorating needs.