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How Bathroom & Kitchen Resurfacing Works

We do our Bathroom & Kitchen Resurfacing by using a special technique to strip down the existing surfaces of your bath, basin or tiles.

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What are the benefits?

  • Save Money
  • Quality Work
  • Guaranteed
  • Full Insured

We then apply a coating of PU Acrylic, a tough and durable surface which will last for up to 15 years. PU Acrylic is a high performance polymer coating specifically designed for refinishing Porcelain, Fibreglass, Formica and other surfaces with a high gloss, long lasting, hard finish. It is a two part coating, Base and Catalyst, and is best applied using a HVLP (high velocity-low pressure) spray system. You can choose from over 880 colours and include Stone-Effects for your Perth Bathroom & Kitchen Resurfacing finishes to give your Kitchen Benchtop the look of genuine granite, marble and other traditional finishes.

Why Resurfacing Bathroom & Kitchen are better than Renovating?

In renovation you MUST first tear out or remove the old items. Therefore when you are considering the cost of replacement you must also factor the tear out cost, along with labour and installation as well as the time the whole process will take.

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To give a basic example, the general renovating costs for a standard bathroom or kitchen run at around $15,000 and can take anywhere from 1- 2 weeks to complete. Resurfacing Kitchen & Bathroom takes a maximum of 3 days and will save you up to 70% of a traditional renovation. Our PU Acrylic has been on the market for more than 10 years and is the coating of choice for refinishers worldwide. The process does not look synthetic or “painted” in any way and you and your friends will not be able to tell that your surfaces have been resurface. We will make your old, chipped, stained, or colour-dated items look like “new” again. If your Items are chipped or cracked, we can-in most cases repairing them during the cleaning and preparation stage of resurfacing your bathroom & kitchen. Jim will be able to tell you if the chips or cracks can be repaired prior to resurfacing your kitchen & bathroom. A bathroom or kitchen Fixture that has been resurfaced with PU-Acrylic should easily last 10 – 15 years or even longer with proper care and maintenance. We highly recommend using “miracle cleaner”, as a specifically designed cleaner made for resurfaced fixtures. This strong but non-abrasive cleaner will safely keep your fixture clean without dulling the gloss like a regular abrasive cleaner will do. 

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