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Tile Resurfacing Perth

Tile Resurfacing Perth products applied to your ceramic tile creates a protective non-porous barrier to eliminate unsanitary mold & mildew build up promoting a clean fresh environment for your family.

Tile Resurfacing Perth | Perth Kitchen Resurfacing

Refinishing your existing ceramic tile seals in hard to keep clean grout lines and protects against water damage. Using the tile resurfacing Perth products process is cost effective and can save you up to 50% off the cost of replacement


Stone-Effects on Ceramic Tiles with Bathroom Tile Resurfacing

Refinishing Your Ceramic Tile with Stone-Effects is more cost effective and involves less down time than replacing.

Stone-Effects is non-porous unlike traditional tile surfaces and grout lines. refinishing your ceramic Tile wall helps eliminate the likely hood of mold and bacterial growth.

With the waterproofing action of Stone Effects, you no longer have to worry about regrouting your ceramic tiles making tile resurface Stone-Effects the perfect choice for a maintenance free, easy to clean finish.

Tile Resurfacing Perth | Perth Kitchen Resurfacing

Tile Resurfacing on Walls, Hallways & Foyers is Less Expensive than Wallpaper

Using Stone-Effect to decorate on walls instead of wallpaper or Faux finishes saves you both time and money while producing a durable, easy to repair and easy to clean surface. The Natural beauty of Stone-Effect will enhance your property’s look and value.

With a dazzeling array of new decorator colours to choose from and the ability to quickly apply Stone-Effects, few other materials offer such exceptional savings and design freedom for Kitchens, Bathrooms and beyond.

Tile Resurfacing Perth | Perth Kitchen Resurfacing