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Bathroom Resurfacing Perth

Bathroom Resurfacing Perth ensures protection against impacts, stains and chemicals delivering many more years of reliable service to your Bathtub, Shower or Basin.

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Replacing your Bathtub, Shower or Basin not only involves the cost of new units but also the added expense of replacing your Bathroom Ceramic Tiles, Wall board, plumbing and hardware. Refinishing with our Bathroom Resurfacing products quickly transforms your Tub, Shower or Basin to a sparkling factory-new finish. Resurfacing bathroom or refinishing your existing Bathtub, Shower or Basin is the most economical way to revitalise your bathroom and you will realise spectacular savings often as much as 80% over replacement. Our Perth bathroom resurfacing products is a remarkable time tested method developed specifically for Bathroom refinishing. The secret lies in the ability of the compounds to fuse on a molecular level to the substrate, becoming a permanent part of the original surface, unlike bath liners.

Bathroom Resurfacing Perth will Repair Cracks & Remove Stains

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The secret lies in the ability of the process to bond to the original surface, Colours are custom matched at the jobsite to ensure a quality repair. Professional repairs using the process are made to last. Using only the highest quality compounds our proven process is time tested and backed by hundreds of successful repairs in Bathroom Resurfacing Perth, WA and works on Porcelain, Ceramic, Fibre-glass and Acrylic Surfaces.

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